Creating a Custom List Form

In my presentation at tomorrow’s COSPUG event I will be going through a demo where I associated a custom list form with a content type. We only have an hour for the presentation, so I wanted to make sure I posted something with that included the steps to create the custom list form.


Create a custom list entry form for a tasks list.


First off, we need to create a tasks list. Once we have done that we can open the site in SharePoint Designer.

In the folder list, expand your task list and right click on one of the view pages and select “New From Existing”.

A new page will be created for you and opened in Designer mode. Select the Common Content Tasks Menu and Select “Default to Master’s Content”.

Open the Common Content Tasks Menu again, and select “Create Custom Content”.

With your cursor in the desired cell, from the top menu select Insert > SharePoint Controls > Custom List Form.

From the Custom List Form menu, select the list and form you would like to customize.

At this point, you can customize the list form to meet your needs. For simplicity, I just changed the text size and color.

The last step is to associate the custom list form, with the list. In the folder list, right click on the list and select properties. Enter the information for your new custom list form.

From now on, when you create a new list item in your tasks list, your custom form will be displayed.

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