The SharePoint Technology Conference 2009


I am excited to get the opportunity to lead two different presentations at this year’s SPTechCon 2009! The following are the descriptions of my two sessions:

By Jennifer Mason and John Ross

Too often, IT professionals know what they are trying to do with SharePoint but need some direction on how to get started. This workshop will cover how to ramp up a development team to start working on SharePoint projects, giving you a better understanding of the skill sets needed for specific types of SharePoint development, the tools available to help your organization gain the expertise needed, and direction on how to leverage the tools to achieve your goals.

By Jennifer Mason

Here’s a beginning look at ways to encourage and gain excitement about new SharePoint solutions. This class focuses on implementing new solutions in the organization, including how to support them, how to communicate the changes, and how to generate end-user enthusiasm. You will learn what to look out for during implementation, including the pitfalls to avoid, how SharePoint-based solutions are different from other solutions, and the importance of learning from today’s implementations to plan for tomorrow’s.

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