SharePoint 2010- Generate File Plan Report

One of the things I have been playing with in the new version of SharePoint is the Generate File Plan Report Feature. You can find this setting on the list settings page. When you select it you are prompted to enter a location for the report to be stored within the site collection. It basically gives you a summary of the list that includes the available content types, permissions (identifies if they are unique- at the folder and item level), number of items, routing rules and retention policies. This will be very helpful when you are trying to troubleshoot issues with different list and libraries.


Report is saved to specified Document Library:



Report viewed in Excel:



As shown in the images above, the information available includes the following:

Summary Tab:

Site: Jennifer Mason
URL: Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Description: Share a document with the team by adding it to this document library.
Report Generated 2009-11-24T03:13:26
Created By: Jennifer Mason
FolderCount: 1
Item Count: 0
Versioning: No versioning
Require Content Approval: No
Draft Item Security: Any user who can read items can see drafts
Source of retention schedules: Content types
Has Records: No
Has Items on Hold: No

Folder Details Tab (columns):



Number of Items    

Unique Permissions    

Retention Schedule    

Rules Routing into this Folder    

Available Content Types

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