SharePoint 2010 – Customize List Form Using InfoPath

One of the new features in 2010 is using InfoPath to create and modify custom list forms. In this blog I will be walking through the process of customizing a list form. Since I am just trying to highlight the functionality, I am only going to make a few changes:

  • Add an Image & Title
  • Delete the Attachments Control
  • Add Rules to the Unit Price Field
    • Show Screen Tip if > 50
    • Change formatting to Red on Red if > 50

To get started, select the Customize Form option in the lists ribbon:

InfoPath will open and you will see your form with the Fields menu open:

From here, you can edit and modify the form like any other InfoPath form (notice that I added another table row and inserted an image and some text). When you select any of the fields you will see that there are additional menu items in the ribbon that can be used to modify the properties of the fields.

Another great improvement / feature is the new interface for creating rules:

Once you finish designing your form, you need to publish it back to the SharePoint site:

Now, when you select any of the forms (edit or new) you will see the new custom form. Here is the new form:

Here is the form, when the Unit Price is > $50, which applies the rules I created:

And here is the display form:

I can’t wait to start using this feature! I still have some research to do to figure out how this works with lists with different content types and list templates, but I wanted to at least post what I had found so far.

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