SharePoint 2010: Using the Calendar Overlay to Display List Items based on a Category

Recently there was a comment on my blog post, asking if you could use the calendar overlay to show different items from the same list using different colors. I thought it was a great question, so I wanted to follow up with a blog post on how you could achieve it. In my example, I have a task list and I want to use the calendar overlay to show the list in 3 different ways ā€“ show a different color for each tasks status ā€“ Not Started, In Progress and Completed. The first thing that I will need to do is to create the tasks list with the three different calendar views. An example of this is shown below:

Now, I will just need to configure my calendar overlay to display the 3 list views. To do this, I select the Calendar overlay option in the Calendar ribbon.

I will need to add 3 overlays to the Calendar, one for each view I have created. An example of the configuration screen is shown below. Notice I can select the display color, List, List View

When my calendar is displayed I can now see all three views represented with different colors using one calendar overlay.

Since this is triggered by views, I could get pretty creative. As another example, I could show all overdue tasks in one color and task due today in another color. Really the only limitation is that you are limited to 10 overlays. I personally don’t think of this as a limitation, but instead a safeguard. More than 10 would probably make for a very busy calendar! Hope this post has been helpful!

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