SharePoint 2010- Per Location View Settings

Have you ever wished that you could create a view that could only be accessed from certain locations within a document library? For example, what if you want to display the default view with limited details and then as you drill down into the folders you want to show more options? You can easily create multiple views for a library, but until 2010 you couldn’t limit what views were available at what levels. I’ll keep this example pretty quick with the intent of just simply showing off the new features.

We have a document library with several views:

The per locations views are configured from an option in the list settings page:

From the settings page you can select a location and then the options for the views (inheritance & available views):

Once this has been configured, only the views allowed for each location will be available in the list navigation dropdown. Notice in the image above, the only view available for the top level of the library is the All Documents View and the only view available for Folder 1 is the Folder 1 View. Below is a screenshot of both the Shared Documents and the Folder 1 List navigation view, showing that only certain views are available within the navigation:

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