SharePoint 2010 Insert Related List on List Display Form

There are a few things that come standard in 2010 that really make me happy. They are things that I have been doing for a while in 2007; however now in 2010 they can be done with just a simple click or two!


  • List of Projects
  • Library with Project Documents, lookup metadata to associate each document with a project


  • Display all the associated documents on the list display page for the Projects List.

To get started you will need to create your projects lists and your documents list and then add a lookup column to the documents list.

From there, the configuration is a breeze. Start by accessing your projects list. In the List tab of the Ribbon, under the customization section, select the Default Display form link.

Then select the Insert Ribbon option and the Insert Related Items Option. You will notice that all lists that have a lookup to this list are listed here and available for connection.

When you select the documents, a web part is added to the page, configured with a filter so only the associated documents are displayed. Also, since this is a standard web part, you can easily modify the way that the web part is displayed (change the view or other properties).

Here is a screenshot of the updated display page:

All of this in 5 easy clicks If you are interested in seeing how this same task would be done in 2007, you can refer to this blog post. As you can see the improvements in 2010 will be quite the time saver!

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