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I just wanted to post a follow up blog and let you know that I have selected the two winners for my book contest (Gene Vangampelaere & Nasir Naeem). Both have been notified by email and I will ship their copies by the end of the week. I have enjoyed reading all the comments posted, so I wanted to provide a quick summary so that you could see what others submitted. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

If you didn’t win this contest, you can still order the book on Amazon

Area Comments
Development The ability to build KPI dashboards is going to be huge in my world.
BI We have not implemented SP2010 yet, but I have seen some demos of the new BCS and I am really excited to get my hands on it.
BI The ribbon is my favorite addition to SharePoint. Anything that reduces clicks and brings in the familiarity of Office 2007/2010 is great@
Search Where should I start?

Power Shell Command-lets to manage environment
SharePoint 2010 Search
Web Analytics’
BCS/External Lists
In-Line Editing Pages
Integration with Office 2010, especially Save to SharePoint and Send a link built into Client
Office Web Apps

I can keep going on and on!

UI As a SL developer, I like that new feature and so I’ll probably try WebPart development very soon 🙂
Integration Feature that I liked most: Power of PowerShell. because it simplifies the task, don’t need to go to central administration. even you can read users request from other databases with powershell script and integrate those into sharepoint as well as run the script as Scheduled job. Script Rocks!!!
Ratings I know “Ratings” sounds simple, but I’m really glad MS turned a corner on social computing within SharePoint 2010. I hope it injects more collaborative life and knowledge share into our organization.

Thanks for taking the time to work with me after the class this morning (umm, yesterday morning).

Configuration / Management Using that correlation IDs, we can easily trace down errors in Unified Logging Service
User Empowerment Well, as a developer SharePoint 2010 provides the business collaboration platform for developers to rapidly build solutions using familiar tools while leveraging a rich set of out of the box features.
It will make our lives a lot easier!!!
Managed Metadata As a knowledge management consultant i love the managed metadata, taxonomies & tagging feature. If implemented well, it can reduce the costs of adding high-end search products for many small-medium size organizations. As we all know no one likes to jump to page 3, 4 or more of search results page.
Integration The most awaited and killer feature provided SPS2010 is office integration services. Opening office documents like word, excel, access on a webpage and having the ability to collaborate & edit in the same session is priceless!
Also interface is flexible and ribbon is similar to office 2010. So environment looks similar for most MS office users. And the tight integration with office 2010 and SPS2010.
BI I like the BI suite SP2010 provided. It’s integrated well so with 2010 we can promote self-BI to our power end users. Love this!
Development The addition of Sandbox Solutions opens up the door to individual organizations developing and deploying their own custom solutions without the need for a rigid deployment process from the administrative side.
Content Type Publishing My understanding is that you can create a content type in one site collection and use it in other collections. I can see lots of uses for that to simplify a lot of extra work that goes on currently. That is, when we move to SP2010.
Configuration / Management Central Administration has been redesigned in SharePoint Server 2010 to provide a more familiar experience and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

– Avis

UI I love the ease of editing pages are now. In the previous versions it just seemed like you had to do too much to get content on the page.

Better integration with Firefox is a plus too…wait, that is two things 🙂

Visio Services Big fan of the Visio Services. I’ll actually be doing a Conference session about that topic at the SharePoint Summit in April 2011. The Office Web Applications are also a great addition to the product. SharePoint Workspace is also great, and oh yeah InfoPath 2010, and also… 🙂
Integration I think the thing that interests me the most about SP2010 is the fact that it has taken a serious leap forward in the area of flexibility. The addition of BCS, native Silverlight, and the sandbox make the possibility of truly using SharePoint as a hub for bringing together many disparate business activities to a single point of contact much more of a reality.

I am looking forward to how much more I can do using these things to better aggregate and integrate business functions to provide users a broader view of the overall business processes and data.

UI I’m excited about the new SPD interface and how easy it will be to work with sites and deploying solutions.

BCS accessibility and ease of integration with SPD

And of course the new Business Intelligence offerings, PowerPivot particularly and the Chart Web Part

Social Features I love the MySite capabilities, particularly the new look of the SharePoint User profile and also the Silverlight Org Chart!
Configuration / Management WebApp Enable This is really cool, painless, free and useful new feature.


Managed Metadata I just love the way managed meta data are integrated with search, meta navigation, cqwp, office 2010 etc
I am already seeing Taxonomies becoming the lifeblood of well managed intranets, by tying together correlated infornation across corporate silos
User Empowerment I have found working with SharePoint 2010 and talking with my clients there is a lot more knowledge transfer that has to happen at the beginning and then through components like what Jennifer is writing about here. Great job.
SharePoint Designer is with SPD 2010. When you create web parts within SPD, you have the ability with a click to send these web parts to the Web Part Gallery. Absolutely, my favorite feature!
UI By far, the best addition in SharePoint 2010 is the added functionality of wiki pages. For example, the ability to change the page layout, the ability to add any web part to the page, the ability to embed videos, the ability to copy-n-paste text from Microsoft Office applications.

That’s just beautiful.
<sniffs and wipes a solitary tear from eye>

Wiki’s are much more user friendly, which up to this point has been a major obstacle that has kept our end-users from utilizing the wiki’s in SharePoint 2007.

Workflows I think it’s really great that workflows can now be written in Visio.
BCS We haven’t deployed it yet, but I’m very anxious to get into the BCS (not college football mind you). We have a few other systems where data is stored and people would like to leverage. We never had any success with the BDC, so this change in functionality looks very useful.
Integration my favorite SP2010 addition is the smooth style. My end user don’t even notice they are working in SP or Office.
really cool!
UI My favorite new feature about 2010 is the users ability to manage their site’s page layout “on the fly”. Our biggest complaint here when talking to business users about using SP as a business tool has been around the layout of the default.aspx. We chose not to allow those to be customized due to concerns around future upgrades, but now my users have the ability to fix that themselves without hacking up the site in SP Designer.
Search The best new feature in SharePoint 2010 is search. I can do the same type of search I’m used to doing on the internet. For example I can now search for “SharePoint Admin” and search will find this string. In SharePoint 2007 it would return everything sharePoint and everything admin and it was too many results to look through.
Visual Studio There are so many, but as a devloper, the integration with VS2010 wins hands down.

Second, for me, is Business Connectivity Services (BCS). The ability to write back to the legacy apps allows me to use the ease of SharePoint interaction with data that is stored all across the Enterprise. It all looks like SharePoint now!

I also have really enjoyed the ribbon and ease with which you can build content into SP2010.

Business Insights My favorite feature of SharePoint 2010 is the inclusion of Business Intelligence with PerformancePoint, PowerPivot and Excel Services.

This is an exciting addition to an already powerful product – one that will allow everyday business users to create their own dashboards, reports, charts, etc.

This whole area is very exciting!

Ivor Davies

Visual Studio The biggest new feature is actually the native support in Visual Studio. I get why 03 wasn’t included, but with the adoption rate of 07, I was rather surprised nothing was ever built.

If it’s a SharePoint-only feature, probably the built-in faceted search. While not robust out-of-the-box, still very useful.

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