Office 365: Managing Site Collections

In this post I am going to walk you through the different settings and configurations you have to manage site collections within Office 365. To get stared log in with an account with appropriate permissions to the Admin page. Your screen should look similar to the image below. Keep in mind that your screen may look different because it is based on permissions, so you may not see all the links that I have.

Select the “Manage” link under SharePoint Online.

In this case we want to select the link to manage site collections. From this screen we can see our existing site collections, as well as you use the quick launch to easily reference the remaining configuration options:

From the Ribbon you can select to create a new site collection or you can manage an existing site collection. (To activate the remaining buttons in the Ribbon, select a site collection).

The following table describes some of the different options you have for managing your site collections:

Feature Description
New Allows you to create a new site collection.

This screen is very similar to the onsite SharePoint site collection creation page. There are a few differences, however:

  • You select the desired Time Zone when the site is created.
  • You can only select one Administrator.
  • You can supply a resource quota as well as a storage quota.
Delete Allows you to delete an existing site collection.
Properties The properties page displays various information about the site collection, including:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Primary Administrator
  • Additional Administrators
  • Default Site (Yes, No)
  • Number of Subsites
  • Storage Usage
  • Storage Quota
  • Storage Warning Level
  • Resource Usage
  • Resource Usage Quota
  • Resource Warning Level


Owners Allows you to manage the site collection administrators and allows you to give access to third party support accounts:

  • Manage Administrators

  • Add Support Partner


Storage Quota Allows to modify the site quota and the email settings (size to send and if you send a warning email):


Resource Usage Quota Very similar to the quota management options, except this refers to the resources that the site collection is consuming:


Settings Allows you to set the site as the default site collection for all SharePoint Users. The default is the primary site collection that users hit when they access SharePoint.


Manage Share by Email This setting determines if you will allow your administrators to give access to internal or external accounts.


Website Domain This setting is for your public website and configures the domain used for the site collection.
DNS Information Displays the DNS information for your sites.


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