I Need your help please!! #SPTechCon

Hello All! I am very excited about an upcoming session that I am giving at SPTechCon, and I need your help to make it even better! Below are the details on the session:

SharePoint in Its Most Basic Terms: An Information Worker’s Introduction

Are you new to SharePoint? Or just getting started and wondering how in the world you are going to make sense of the fire hose of information? Join this class as we pull back the curtain and define the most common terms used within SharePoint. This class will help you build a solid foundation of the basics, enabling you to quickly take things to the next level as you dig deeper into the many features available within SharePoint.


So here is how you can help me…..I want you to give some input on the top 3 terms or concepts that you think I should cover in this session. I have a big list already, but wanted to be sure to get feedback from the community as well. Just head over here to my Excel Survey and answer a few quick questions! And…to sweeten the deal, I will randomly select one contributor to win a book bundle of new 2013 books!

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