Summer of Sizzling SharePoint

It is summer, so in Texas that means it is hot and we get slightly crazy, and more importantly, we get slightly cheesy 🙂  But the fun in that is that we are going to share it with you!  Starting the week of August 5th we will be doing a series of webcasts to help you get the most of your SharePoint investment.  We have quite a few on the books and you can check out this link to get all the details.

I will be giving the webinar on Tuesday and I would love to have you join me!  Here are all the details-

Unraveling the Formula for Powerful Business Solutions with SharePoint

The last thing that you want to do is provide a solution to your users that is simply a replacement for the current solution. Why go to all the trouble of moving your content to a SharePoint solution without taking the time to look at things differently and provide a solution that aligns with the daily needs of the users? Ideally your solutions are going to provide a way for users to work through a process with your solution supplementing and guiding them along the way. Your solution should be a tool that allows them to be guided through the actions required of them for the task at hand.

In this webinar we are going to be looking at real world examples of how we have implemented this solution.  Our example scenarios include a Task Dashboard, Integrated Visio Dashboards, Document Repository and a Travel Request solution.  Join us to see how you can use SharePoint to transform your existing solutions!

Registration Link:

And to make things more fun internally, we are trying to see who can capture the most registrations, so if you want to help me out, when you register add my name to the comments section.  This really won’t give me anything other than bragging rights within my team, but hey that means something right?  Any chance I can get to outshine Todd Klindt (the current first place winner) would be totally worth it 🙂

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