#SPC14 – Hope to see you in Vegas!

SPC14 is going to be here before you know it! I wanted to take a few minutes and put together a quick post on my schedule and some of things I will be at during the conference. I also wanted to highlight a few of my personal goals for this conference. So often I head to a conference overwhelmed with all that has to get done or all that I have to soak in, so this year I decided to create a few goals to see if I could help myself to focus on getting the most out of it!

My Sessions

So to get started, here are the sessions I will be presenting at this year’s conference. This is actually a first for me! I have never presented at a Microsoft conference before  Laura and I have been working hard on our content I am pretty excited to share it with everyone!

SPC215: Tips & Tricks to make the most out of your SharePoint site and maximize adoption

This session is going to cover six areas that you can really impact your solutions by following some simple tips and tricks. We will be doing some demos of a Marketing team site that is used by a department to collaborate and share data. All of the stuff we are showing though would apply to other situations as well! This session will be a fast paced review of some really awesome things you can do with SharePoint that directly impact how well SharePoint is embraced by your users.

Women in Technology Lunch

I am beyond honored to get to be part of the first Women in Tech lunch at SPC! I get the wonderful honor of being able to sit on a panel with some great colleagues of mine! The format for this one is pretty simple! We will be conducting a panel discussion over lunch We will start with some quick introductions and then we will have a guided conversation. I am so looking forward to this one!

SharePoint Power User Training

This session is a post-conference session where Laura and I will be creating a no-code solution that allows for users to submit suggestions for review. We have created a sample scenario that includes approval routings, email notifications and much more! If you attend this session you will leave with information on how you can combine the many features within SharePoint to build one complete solution. These longer sessions are always a blast and I am sure the questions will be flowing since it is the last session of the conference! I guess if you want to go out with a bang and end on a high note then you should come to our session! 

My Can’t Miss Sessions

In addition to my sessions – here are some sessions I wanted to highlight. I will likely be attending each of these sessions so if you see me there be sure to stop and chat for a few!

  • SPC14 Keynote: Connect. Reimagine. Transform.
  • SPC348 – Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms – This is a must see for anyone who works with InfoPath!
  • SPC120 – Executive audience keynote | The dynamic future of work
  • SPC318 – Client-Side Rendering (CSR) demystified – For anyone who is wondering what to do since SPD design view is gone. Be warned – it involves syntax and semicolons!
  • SPC100 – Beyond Deployment: How IT Can Inspire, Motivate And Drive Sustainable Adoption
  • SPC277 – Lessons learned from a support engineer: where there was no planning, there was no adoption
  • SPC107 – Overcoming barriers to achieve social business success and adoption

There are so many more sessions I can highlight! There is so much good content that will be presented during the conference that it is impossible to want to attend most of them. Good thing the recordings will be available post conference!

Events I Plan on Attending

In addition to sessions you can catch me at most of the events. I have listed the ones below that I will be attending for sure.

  • Welcome Reception (Sunday Night)
  • Attendee Party (Tuesday Night)
  • Ask the Experts (Wednesday Night)

My Goals

And finally….to wrap up this post, here are my goals for the conference. I hope that each of you is taking the time to think through what goals you have at this conference. It is one small way that you can make the most of it!

  • Network! –
    • I can’t say this one enough, but I want to meet as many new people as I can and connect with them on common levels of interest. It is a great place to learn what others are doing, to learn about new opportunities and to identify key areas that you can contribute to the community.
  • Provide 1:1 Help to the community –
    • I love traveling to events where I can sit down at lunch and just start talking with those around me. I also love where it breaks into a mini consulting session. I am looking forward to this happening a few times at SPC14! That means if you see me you need to stop me and ask me questions
  • Start a Sub-Community Group – Non Developers UNITE! 
    • This one is another one that is near to my heart as I have a strong dislike for Syntax and Semicolons. I mean at the end of the day, they have their place….but really…I don’t need em! At SPC I will be handing out some stickers and promoting a new group of people that are really focused on truly out of the box solutions. Things that can be done from the browser by pointing and clicking and configuration and not requiring any type of development. Now this is all in good fun, because I really do know a lot of great developers….in fact I recently married one At the end of the day I want to be able to help push information to the community that I work with the most. So by signing the pledge you are really just signing up to get some additional content from me post SPC. To sign up just head over to http://sharepoint.rackspace.com/spc and click on the link to sign the pledge (PS – none of this will be live until SPC). As a teaser – here is the early design of the logo we have  Hope you like it!


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