#Office365, #SharePoint 2013 Adding Some Styling to your Workflow Emails (Warning – Syntax & Semicolons Required)

So fair warning, but this post is going to require a bit of code. No worries though, as you can use the text tools inside of SharePoint to build the html and then just copy the code. The idea is that we have a workflow that is sending an email and we want to add some formatting to the email. You do this by creating the workflow and then editing the advanced options for the email step.

Here is an example of our workflow steps:


In the Email step we would like to make sure that the email has some added styles. You do this by selecting the email step and then opening the Advanced Properties menu.



Within the Advanced Properties menu you can see that the body of the email is displayed in HTML. If you select the ellipse (…) then you will be able to open an HTML editor. One trick to create the html is to go to a SharePoint list and enter in the text that you want, formatted the way you want. Once you do that you can Edit the Source to get the HTML that was generated by your entry. You can then copy and paste that into the advanced properties.




Once you make these changes and publish the workflow your will see the new formatting as part of your workflow email messages.


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