#Office365, #SharePoint 2013 Customizing the List Forms

One thing that is little known is that you can easily customize the View, Edit and Display forms for lists without using InfoPath or custom development. You can simply add connected web parts to display related data. To do this navigate to the list and open the page you want to edit.

Once the page opens you can add web parts to it and configure them like you would on any other page.

You won’t be able to change the text layout, but you can still accomplish a lot using the layout that is provided. The item that is displayed is filtered and in some cases can’t provide the web part connections you might expect. So what I like to do is add a hidden web part that displays all the fields of the current item. I then use that hidden web part as a filter for all the other web parts. In the example I have below I have a Display Item view and I wanted to show all the other suggestions that existed for that same department. To do this I added one web part and set it to get the ID from the primary web part and then I set the other filters from the hidden web part. Below is a mockup of my design.

The end result that you get is to see a list of related items based on the item you open. Doing this helps push relevant information to users in a few simple steps by using connected web parts.

You can use this technique to show related data or you can simply use this technique to add reminder messages or notes to your users. No matter what path you choose this is a simple way to add great value to your solutions

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