Quick Links – A Quick Overview

Those of us that have been doing SharePoint for a while have a whole slew of tricks we use to add some emphasis to our sites and help users navigate the site easily.  With the whole modernization of SharePoint we are starting to see some simple improvements that can make our job much easier.  In this quick blog post I am going to walk you through the new Quick Links modern web part.  This is a direct replacement for the Promoted Links list and working with it couldn’t be easier.

From the home page, click edit.


Once you are in edit mode, select the (+) in the location you want to add the web part and select the Quick Links Option.


 Once the web part is on the page, you just click the (+) to add new items to the web part.


 For each link you want to include in the web part you simply add the URL and Title.  By default an image will be displayed with your link, but you can easily update and change the image to one that makes the most sense for you link.


 Once the link has been added to the list you can easily manage the links directly from the items.


This web part is persistent through the site, so if you add the same web part to another page the links will be included.  This allows for you to easily create and manage a common set of links for your users.  If you count the number of clicks it takes to do this in Classic SharePoint you will quickly realize that this approach is a real time save!  It hasn’t gotten too much love yet because it is one of the small things that has been added to the modern experiences.  But if you know me you know that I love the small things because when it comes to SharePoint they really can make the biggest difference.


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