Ignite Keynote Takeaways

I always leave the Ignite Keynotes inspired and thinking about the Microsoft mission:

Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

I always loves the great things we get to see and I love the passion that Satya Nadella has for the world.  I truly believe that he is driving technology to make the world a better place.  Yes…Microsoft is a software company, but the software they create and build is meant to empower those that are on the front lines.  The more they can build and change, the more people can creatively solve problems that have never been addressed before.

While much the keynote went over my head (hello quantum computing), much of the other things discussed highlighted some of the big things that I think we will see in the future.  Technology for things like Ford making design decisions using the hololens and farmers using big data to plan for crops and harvest are the future of things.

But those are the big things – the things that will frame the future, and I live my day to day in the small things.  And while much wasn’t said about the day to day we all experience, Satya said one thing that really hit home.  The idea of changing the culture in order to work differently.  The idea that we cant let the way we have always done things inhibit our creative ability to solve problems.  But this doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes a true culture change.  A change from doing what we have always done….to doing things differently and being creative with the tools we have.  Working differently and thinking differently.  The tools available to us are new and empowering us to work differently and now is the time to help change the cultures around us and embrace these new ideas.  Helping people to step out of the routine and rethink how they work is my encouragement from the keynote today.


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