5 Min or Less: Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Vision Keynote Summary

This morning I virtually attended the Ignite 2018 Vision Keynote.  Overall I felt that it set the right tone for the rest of the event.  Satya Nadella set the stage by focusing on our Tech Intensity and how it can drive real change in this world.  At Microsoft their vision continues to be empowering our ability to do more.  Many of the things he talked about, especially  around the humanitarian programs are the things that Microsoft does that I love.  I love their passion to make this world a better place for everyone.  I love that they are using technology to make the world better for everyone.  My hope is that others will mimic their efforts and join into the process – changing the way that enterprises can impact the world overall.

Here is my quick 5 min or less summary of the keynote.  It doesn’t go into the technical elements or get too deep in the details, but will give you the super quick cliff notes!

For those that want to dig in deeper, check out the full keynote here and refer to the following links for more details on the programs mentioned here:


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