Grouping by Dates in Task List

Over the past few weeks I have been collaborating with one of my clients on different ways to group tasks together by dates. I figured others would find it helpful, so I decided to share on my blog. Keep in mind; these calculated fields can be created on any list with a date field, not just an events list.


Group my tasks together so that I can create views based on tasks on the following:

  • Year
  • Month
  • Week
  • Weekday


Add the following calculated fields to your task list:

Name Formula Display Type
Year =TEXT(YEAR([Start Date]),”000″) Single Line of Text
Month =CHOOSE(MONTH([Start Date]),”01-January”,”02-February”,”03-March”,”04-April”,”05-May”,”06-June”,”07-July”,”08-August”,”09-September”,”10-October”,”11-November”,”12-December”) Single Line of Text
Week =[Start Date]+7-WEEKDAY([Start Date]) Date & Time, Date Only
Weekday =TEXT(WEEKDAY([Start Date]),”dddd”) Single Line of Text

Once these fields have been added, you can use them to create views. The following screenshots shows some examples of the tasks list grouped by the calculated fields.

By using SharePoint calculated fields you are able to create multiple ways to view the data. In most organizations, simple steps like this go very far in promoting usability and value of the SharePoint solution. Remember, the simple things sometimes bring the most value! 

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