Format as Hyperlink to > New, Edit or Display Form

This week, a few of us were looking for a way to link to the list item detail page using a dvwp (data view web part) column value. We were originally trying to create a hyperlink to the list item that contained the current item ID. While this option works, SharePoint Designer offers an out of the box way to do this. In case you haven’t seen this feature before, here are some screen shots that show how to configure it.

After converting the web part to a dvwp, select the item you would like to format as the hyperlink:


Right Click on the item and select to Format Item as > Hyperlink to and then select the desired value.


Using my example, you can now navigate to the edit form by clicking the project title.


There are a lot of ways that you can use this feature. For instance, you could add icons to the web part that when selected you would be able to edit or view the properties.

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