Getting Started with #Visio Services

Over the past several months I have been giving a presentation on getting started with Visio Services. Each time I give the presentation I get asked for a collection of links that people can use to get additional information. In this blog post I just wanted to pull together a summary of those resources so that you can reference them as you dig deeper into Visio Services. I am sure that there are many more resources than the ones that I am listing, so if you know of any ones that I should add please respond with a comment and I can update my post.

Resource Link Description
Creating a No-Code Visio Services Dashboard Using Office 365 #spc11
Summary of one of the sessions that was given at the SharePoint Conference last year.
@msvisio!/msvisio Follow the Visio Team on Twitter! Tweet them questions and follow their tweets to access great resources.
Microsoft Visio Facebook Page
If you don’t have twitter (or even if you do) follow the team on Visio.
Chris Hopkins’ Blog
Chris is always posting new and great examples of different things you can do with Visio. I have seen him present on a few occasions and he has got some great content. You should definitely follow his blog post to get some great ideas.
Jessica Fleissner is one of the Visio contacts from the Heartland region. She is always sharing great information on various resources available.
Visio Team Site Visio web site that has some great content, including different Samples & Downloads.
Blog Post: SharePoint 2010: Filtering a List Web Part by Selecting a Shape within a Visio Document
This is a step by step example of how you connect list data with a Visio diagram. When you add them both to the page the values in the list web part will be filtered based on the selection you make in the Visio diagram.
Blog Post: Office 365, SharePoint 2010- Linking Shapes to SharePoint Data and Displaying Data Graphics (KPI Status) in Visio
This is a step by step example of having shapes in a Visio diagram overlaid with status indicators.

I hope that you will find these links helpful! Two of the blog posts are step by step examples of what I have presented in my session, I hope over time to add some more blog posts that show step by step the rest of my examples from my session and I also hope to eventually incorporate some screencasts. I will be sure to update my blog post once I have those generated. For now, these links should help you get started

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