Press Event: Steve Ballmer Has Something to Share!!

Earlier this week I got an invite to a private press release scheduled for July 16th in San Francisco. The invitation didn’t provide many details; just that Steve invites me for an in-person invite-only event. I made the last minute travel plans I will be covering the event through several different social media channels, including Twitter, Yammer, the Rackspace Blog and CMSWire. Some of my content will be posted live from the event and then some will be covered in follow up blogs.

These types of events are my favorite! I am hoping to hear great things from them at the event. I of course don’t have any of the details, just my speculations, but there is no use in sharing those! Be sure to check in today to the various social media streams to be the first to hear the latest news. If you have questions on anything that I post, be sure to reach out to me and we can discuss more.

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